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There will be a clan meeting this Friday at 5pm PST | 6pm MST | 7pm CST | 8pm EST. Try and make it as we have some things to go over and under.
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So the teamspeak dns is back up. You can again connect using But I would advise you to keep the IP:port in your bookmarks as well, just as a backup in case this ever happens again.
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Looks like the dns server is not working still. So for now until it comes back up, if it ever does. Update your bookmarks address to use instead for now. I'll let everyone know if this changes.
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The teamspeak dns is down right now. Use or to connect instead for now. I am setting up a new dns server that will actually work.
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There will be a clan meeting this Friday at 5pm PST | 6pm MST | 7pm CST | 8pm EST. Also, what do you guys think of the new font choice for the text on the website?
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You guys are probably wondering where I have been for the past week. Well I recently started some new medications for a few things. I had a bad reaction to the mix of meds I was taking. I'm finally home but I have spent the last week or so in the hospital because my liver decided to fail on me and my body kicked me in the ass and thought a seizure would be a fun thing to do. But all is good now, I am finally home, just going to be resting a ton and taking even more meds than I was previously. Sorry I didn't let anyone know earlier, I have been mostly asleep or too weak to even hit the call doctor button.
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I have been working on and off on Overpoch. The delays there have been is because of updates to Epoch and waiting on a few scripts to release so the server has everything I think would be perfect for a harder-than-normal Overpoch server. The only thing holding me back from putting it live is the gold coins script. I should have it tomorrow, but we will see.

So far here are the features:
  • WAI Missions
  • DZMS Missions
  • DZGM Grouping (akin to wasteland)
  • Build Snapping Pro
  • Self Bloodbags
  • Building 3.0 (better customization and more buildables)
  • Sell All Items From Vehicles
  • Better Safezones (more secure)
  • Weapon Modifying (remove and attach other attachments)
  • Deployables (bicycle...
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There will be a clan meeting this Friday at the normal time (5pm PST | 6pm MST | 7pm CST | 8pm EST). If you are at home or around a computer, I ask that you use your best effort to make it.
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Right now I am working on getting our server transitioned over to Overpoch. When I am done and have tested everything, I will post more info on how to connect and what to do. In the mean time, the server will be offline until I get everything done. I hope everyone can understand and be patient while I finish it all up. The database might have to be wiped and started from fresh, but I will let everyone know before that may happen.
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Arma 2 will be getting an update to move over to the Steam server browser from the GameSpy browser sometime this week. Before this happens I highly advise everyone to move your gear on your person to a safe place as when you spawn back in you will spawn in as a fresh spawn. Be sure to pick up any plot poles you may have down as well. As of the time of this posting, our server is being moved over to the new server browser system.

Over the next week or so I will be working on moving our epoch server over to the latest version. This will take quite a bit time as I wait for some scripts to be converted over to the new update. Once everything has been made to work with the newest update, then I will make the move to the newest version. I will let everyone know in an announcement at least one day in advance. Now as it stands we have a few options. We can either stick to just Epoch or we can make the transition to Overpoch. For those that are unsure what Overpoch is, check out...