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by Gravvy at 6:05 PM
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Due to some issues I had with modifications to the server, I was forced to do a full wipe. But with this wipe comes some changes as well.

  • Vehicle limit reduced from 1100 to 500.
  • Weight limit disabled.
  • Red, Blue, Yellow & Green missions will now pop more often.
  • HALO Spawn.
  • For your buildings to be indestructible you will need a plot pole.
  • All trader areas are now safe zones, including boat dealers and wholesalers.
  • Deployable bikes using your toolbox and one scrap metal.

But with everything Arma, there are bound to be bugs and unexpected issues. So please have a bit of patience as I try and work them all out, I'm only one guy you know. Due to the wipe, we will be giving care packages to each player. To receive your care package please get in contact with an admin and we will get those to you.
by Gravvy at 7:49 AM
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The following has been changed/fixed.

  1. Blue/Yellow/Red/Green missions no longer drop just M9SD's and ammo. Will now drop appropriate supplies according to the mission.
  2. New city added to the west of Kamenka.
  3. Players will no longer have a chance to spawn as a zombie after getting killing by one.
  4. After a player dies or a new player joins, you will now paradrop in instead of spawning on the ground.
  5. Various tweaks.
by Gravvy at 4:57 AM
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I want to go over the changes and additions to the Epoch server over the last two weeks.

  • Plot poles are no longer tied to your character. It is now tied to your player id. So when you die, you will not lose access to it.
  • Loot spawn has been changed to 3 minutes instead of 10.
  • The AN2's that fly around the map no longer require 100% damage dealt to crash. Has been modified to require 10% damage.
  • Build limit has been altered from 150 to 600. This has quadrupled the amount you can build in a single area.
  • Most scripts have been moved from the client side to server side. This significantly reduces server load and load times, as well as makes the mission size much smaller than before.
  • Cinder blocks at the wholesaler now cost only 5 gold each instead of one 10 ounce.
  • All traders now have 300 of each item in stock.
  • The merlin can now lift vehicles.
  • Build-able items are now indestructible....
by Gravvy at 4:51 PM
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Our server is now officially live! After many many hours of working on it to get it just right, we are ready.
Before connecting, take a moment to read our Rules and then head over and Connect!

=Server Features=
Build Snapping
AI MIssions
Custom Bases
1000+ Vehicles
Take Clothes
Fast Ropes
Trader Safezones
Vehicle Refueling
No Plotpoles
No Base Decay
Custom Starting Loadout
Self Bloodbag


[NOx] Gravvy
[NOx] Draco
[NOx] Angry Libertarien
[NOx] Kickerbs
[NOx] Buhnanuers

When the server restarts, please give it 3~ minutes for everything to boot up and spawn in. There are a lot of things on the map so if you join back right as it comes back online, it may not work for you.

If anyone has any suggestions on things you would like to be added to the server, please let me know! You can visit...
by Gravvy at 7:42 AM
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There will be an officer meeting this Friday at 7pm CST. All officers need to attend. Contact me if you are unable to make it due to work.
by Gravvy at 8:31 AM
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So what exactly is GameVox?

Don't Get Disconnected
TeamSpeak is designed as a single process, hosted on one server, causing the server to be prone to disconnections. GameVox establishes multiple connections across many servers around the globe to ensure stability and low latency. If one connection should fail GameVox migrates to an already active secondary connection enabling a seamless transition.

Protected Server Owner
It is too often the case that a disgruntled user will attempt to remove Server Admin permissions from the owner of a TeamSpeak server. As a GameVox server owner you will always have the highest level of permissions whenever you join the server – and they cannot be taken away!

Friend System
With TeamSpeak it is extremely easy to lose touch with your friends if they go to play different games on different servers. With GameVox's friends system you can add them as a friend allowing you to be able to...
by Gravvy at 7:32 AM
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We have moved the teamspeak server from Dallas to Chicago in hopes that it will solve the downtime issues we have been having lately. As it stands if this does not fix our issues, we will be either switching providers or using GameVox. First off, to find a new provider that will give us reliable service for the price we pay will be damn difficult. As for GameVox, I have right now a 200 slot server for free for a full year. It's part of a sponsorship deal that was worked out between myself and GameVox. Later today I will make another post with all the information about it to give everyone the best idea of it. But in short, it is better than teamspeak in many ways, but it is still in beta so some features are not yet in it. But the core is in and the quality is amazing. Also, no more having to remember dumb old ip addresses or worrying about downtime as they do not run as traditional servers like teamspeak does.
by Gravvy at 4:44 PM
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This is a reminder to everyone that there is a clan meeting today at 7pm CST. All members are required to show up unless you are either working or have a valid excuse. Please contact either myself or an officer through steam or here on the forums with a private message to let us know you will not be showing up. Also as a reminder, anyone on This list that you may know need to attend the clan meeting or contact myself or an officer. If they do not they will be marked as leaving the clan and will be removed during the meeting.
by Gravvy at 3:39 PM
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Throughout this week I will be going through the members list and removing everyone that has not been around for 30 days or more. If you know someone on this list, get in touch with them and see if they are still interested anymore. They need to connect to teamspeak by this Friday and attend the clan meeting. If they do not, they will be removed and will have to re-apply.

by Gravvy at 9:50 AM
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I have been steadily working towards making our own custom public modpack for FTB. In the meantime I am using our server to customize it and make it workable for everyone. There have been some changes to the modpack so please view This thread to see what you need to do. And I apologize for the mix-up the other day with disabling Railcraft. If you have lost anything due to this, please get in contact with either myself or Serena and one of us will compensate you for your losses.