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by Gravvy at 10:58 AM
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Maintenance complete. Server back up.

The servers Teamspeak is hosted on are under maintenance for the next couple of minutes so teamspeak will be offline until they finish up.
by cash4gold at 8:19 AM
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Just saw in my facebook feed that friend and fellow NOx member Adam is now a Dad!

We pProbably won't be seeing him for a while now, but give him some congrats next time you do :)
by Gravvy at 5:42 PM
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Clan meetings are going to start back up again. I feel that everyone has lost touch with why we started this whole thing in the beginning. We will kick off clan meetings this upcoming Friday 04/04/2014 at 7pm CST. Everyone is required to show up, the only way you are getting out of it is if you are unable to make it due to being on the other side of the world, being at work or you are dead. We already know who is going to be at work and who is on the other side of the world. Also not checking the website is not an excuse, neither is television.

We are going to discuss a lot of changes coming to the clan, so you need to be there. Officers, we will be having a meeting 20 minutes prior to the clan meeting, so show up early. I look forward to seeing everyone there, if you are for some reason unable to make it, contact me BEFORE Monday 3/31/2014 to let me know.
by Gravvy at 1:31 PM
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So we are going to start having clan meetings again real soon. I need everyone to go to these two polls and give your suggestion on what the best time and day would be best.
by Gravvy at 12:07 PM
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I apologize that the registration service was not working properly. I have found the issue and fixed it. Registration is now working again.
by Gravvy at 6:52 PM
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We now have a system in place to where you can invite/recruit people into the clan. Not only that but you will accrue 10 points for every recruit. I have been working on this idea for some time and for the past week have been working it out to work properly and fairly. Let's break this down.

For every recruit you will receive 10 points.
Once you reach 100 points you can redeem them for a game of your choice.
People that you recruit must stay active within the clan.
Points earned from recruiting will be usable after 30 days of the recruit joining.

A few things for you to follow:
  • You are responsible for the recruit during and after the 30 day Probation period.
  • You are responsible to make sure they are staying active with the clan during and after the 30 days.
  • The recruit MUST have a microphone.
  • Each recruit will be checked on VAC bans, PBbans and BattlEye bans. They must...
by Gravvy at 10:53 PM
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So as many of you know, Titanfall is officially out. It is a really fun game and if you ever enjoyed any CoD game or any Mech game you will love this one. Straight out the box it is going to run either $59.99 for standard or $79.99 with the season pass that gives you access to all upcoming drop ships(dlc). Those that can pick it up and are interested in playing I suggest you do so.

As for those that simply cannot afford to get it, everyone understands, which is why I have added some raffles to the website. This gives everyone a chance for as little as $1 to get some fun games and help out towards future raffles. I am hoping if this works out that we can get some extra copies of Titanfall to do a raffle with. So if you happen to have a couple dollars sitting in your paypal burning a hole, check out the games in the raffles and see if you are interested in any of them.

I'd also like to take this time to welcome CChocobo and Syphir to the clan!
by Gravvy at 6:34 PM
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I would like to welcome everyone to the new website!

After a long time I felt that the website seemed a bit outdated and not very user friendly. So I have gone ahead and upgraded it and gave it a new look. I am still somewhat in the process of merging things and getting everything perfect, so if you find any bugs or have suggestions please reply to this topic and let me know.
by BananaHalla at 12:27 AM
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DayZ Standalone has released on Steam. Price = $30
by Gravvy at 6:08 PM
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Server host is having some network issues. Should be fixed in the next 30 minutes. Server is back up. I am in the process of getting a new server up so we never have these issues again.