Nitrous Gaming

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The purpose of this thread is to let you know exactly where your donations go to and why.

Website - $15 per month
Teamspeak - $14.50 per month

Totaling - $29.50
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Clan Rules
  1. Complete and utter respect for all clan members! People sometimes argue but it shouldn't go into humiliation and publicly drawing it out. Breaking this rule could result in a demotion/removal/probation of the conflicting member(s).
  2. Don't make any situation worse by retaliating. Bring it to an admin instead.
  3. Remember, all ranks have a voice in the clan and everyone is expected to be treated as equals, except Kyle.
  4. Any hacking whatsoever will result in an immediate ban and removal from the clan. Any non-members using our Teamspeak who are caught or admit to using hacks will be permanently removed from the Teamspeak.
  5. Do not use racial slurs in a harassing manner towards anyone....