What is GameVox?


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So what exactly is GameVox?


Don't Get Disconnected
TeamSpeak is designed as a single process, hosted on one server, causing the server to be prone to disconnections. GameVox establishes multiple connections across many servers around the globe to ensure stability and low latency. If one connection should fail GameVox migrates to an already active secondary connection enabling a seamless transition.

Protected Server Owner
It is too often the case that a disgruntled user will attempt to remove Server Admin permissions from the owner of a TeamSpeak server. As a GameVox server owner you will always have the highest level of permissions whenever you join the server – and they cannot be taken away!

Friend System
With TeamSpeak it is extremely easy to lose touch with your friends if they go to play different games on different servers. With GameVox's friends system you can add them as a friend allowing you to be able to join them on the server they are talking on.

Cloud Network
GameVox's network is built based on the cloud network technologies allowing for you to have the optimal connection to your server. Meaning that you will have little to no downtime as our servers are not restricted to one hosted location.

No more IPs and Ports
Tired of the confusing IP and Port format to connect to your server? Use something as simple as 'Fire Guild' to connect to your server!

Opus Codec
Have your voice transmitted with the latest voice technology allowing you to sound your best. GameVox only uses the best codecs so you and your team are able to hear each other clear every time.

Instant Message Without A Server
Have the ability to instant message your friends without having to be connected to a voice server. This allows you to be connected to your friends even when your not playing games or don't feel like hoping in a server!

And much much more!

There are a few things that are missing that we use, for instance clan tags and rank images. But after speaking with the GameVox rep they assured me that since those are of the most requested features, they will be in an update coming very soon. So these guys actually listen to their user base and have taken plenty of suggestions and implemented them already into the software. I have also attached an image with a better feature list comparing GameVox between Teamspeak, Ventrillo, Mumble, and Raidcall. I know it's a big change for a lot of people, so let's give it a try and see what everyone thinks about it. Everything is setup on it already, all channels are transferred over. All you need to do is click the GameVox logo below. Register an account and download the program. Afterwards, visit the link below again and add the server to your favorites and connect. It's simple as that.


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